Friday, March 17, 2017

LG Household & Health Care Shareholders' Meeting ... Vice chaseokyong 'Transparent Management' highlighted

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] held the 16th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of LG Household & Health Care 17 days Gwanghwamun, Seoul, Korea LG building underground auditorium.

LG Household & Health Care chaseokyong vice "that is increasingly difficult to make nagagetda company trusted by shareholders transparent and sustainable growth in the business environment," he said with a greeting.

The day shareholders' meeting voted according to the original bill total bill, including four years △ 2016 financial statements and consolidated financial statements approved Appointment △ △ △ audit committee, senior director remuneration approved.

LG Household & Health Care's annual sales 6.0941 trillion won, operating profit of 880.9 billion won a record 14.4%, respectively, compared to the previous year 2016, an increase of 28.8%, and the bar has recorded record-high earnings.

Directors in Strategic Management Team yujiyoung ㈜LG the Executive Director to other non-emergency, Korea University professor Kim Jae Wook newly elected outside directors and outside directors and audit committee members re-elected rested in the Pacific pyoinsu lawyer.

In addition, the common shares and one vote per share cash dividend for 7500 won, 7550 won per share, preferred shares, and directors remuneration is approved by the same six billion won last year.

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