Friday, March 31, 2017

[Outside Directors Shareholders' Meeting ⑥] LG Electronics, Baek Yongho former presidential senior policy implementation

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] LG Electronics has appointed this new Baek Yongho outside the former presidential policies implemented in the last shareholders' meeting.

The new outside directors appointed at the annual shareholders' meeting of the LG Group progressed to the last 24 days are five. LG Electronics, LG Chemical, LG Household & Health Care, LG boss, Silicon Works has appointed one each by one.

First, LG Electronics is one hundred former presidential policy implementation elected as new outside directors stands out. All bags are mounted hamkkehan personnel since the launch of the Lee administration. He took the last '17th Presidential Transition Committee 1 Economy Committee members in 2008. From March until July 2008, 2009 14th Fair Trade Committee, in July 2009 and served as the National Tax Service until 18 August 2010. Since July 2010, he was appointed by the President Lee Myung-bak government policy implementation, in February 2013 just before since February 2012 served as Park Geunhye government has launched a special assistant to the President for Policy.

LG Household & Health Care, and LG International, Silicon Works has appointed a new outside directors to academics. LG Household & Health Care Korea's Kim Jaeuk Business School Professor of Business Administration, LG International has appointed a new Graduate School of Seoul National University Law Professor yiwonwoo outside directors. Silicon Works also appointed Yun Ilgu Yonsei University Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a new outside director. Their term of office is three years.

LG Chem has appointed a new lawyer to outside directors. LG Chem has appointed former Seoul Western District Prosecutors 'Office jeongdongmin Attorney General Shareholders' Meeting held in the last 17 days. The term of office of the prosecutor Chung has come Jeddah 3 May 2020 13 Is.

The outside directors are re-elected seven. LG Innotek imhaetgo the election of two outside directors, LG · LG Display · LG Chemical · LG Household & Health Care · LG boss was reappointed each one by one.

LG Innotek seongtaeyeon Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University Professor, Yonsei University Department of Business Administration Professor sinhyeonhan rested election. LG has Yun Daehui former Presidential Chief Economist (term until March 23, 2020), LG Display Jang Jin Hee Information Display Department Chair Professor (March 2017 May 23, registration), LG Chem Korea Fund Ratings President Kim Sejin (term 2018 March 16 to), LG Household & Health Care year pyoinsu law firm Pacific American Bar (term until 16 March 2020), LG boss re-elected up to March 16 jeongunoh Seoul National University college of Business Administration Professor (tenure 2020) rested .

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