Friday, March 31, 2017

SKT "Enjoy Cherry Blossom Festival without communication failure"

In the Korea Financial News ohahreum reporter] SK Telecom managed mobile services, including a full-fledged flowers outing period, the right to a seamless service for customers △ base station capacity, and WiFi expansion △ mobile base station deployment △ special communication Dispatch Operations △ customer satisfaction service booth the group said that the thorough 31.

SK Telecom has completed the Jinhae gunhangje Yeouido Spring Flower Festival and Spring, including the expected traffic areas Flower Festival is held molrimyeo the LTE data usage increases up to 36%, and the base station capacity around the festival area expansion and maintenance.

SK Telecom Changwon, the Jinhae gunhangje held Jinhae nine midfield rotary nearby mobile base stations 1, LTE base station 28 expression, Wi-Fi 8 way extension to, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Yeoui another one, move the base station 1 is Spring Flower Festival, LTE base station 7 way, Wi-Fi complete the 34 way expansion and to avoid inconvenience to customers using mobile services equipped awaited.

In addition to the Jeju Rape Flower Festival, racing Cherry Blossom Festival, Shinan Tulip regional events such as the Spring Festival was held finishing station capacity expansion and quality inspection.

In addition, SK Telecom plans to embark on intensive monitoring and real-time response to special traffic control room in time for the customers, operate the festival opening ceremony, weekend, driven heavily by the 10th the main event ends.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom Jinhae gunhangje such as installing "Getting customers happy Services booth at the main festival location, and free of charge ∙ Easy repair mobile phone customers to visit the festival ∙ ∙ replace the liquid crystal film provides a photo printing service benefits.

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