Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Above Newspaper - KCSC, teens gather forces to block harmful information

[Korea financial newspaper yichangseon News] Newspaper Committee (Chairman Bang Jaehong, less personal place) and the Korea Communications Standards Commission (Chairman Park Hyojong, less KCSC) is tilting joint efforts to tie the 25 days MOU, youth harmful information blocking I decided.

This agreement is significant from the point joined forces to create an official regulatory agency, and KCSC-based private voluntary organization, human deliberation above amount is effective co-regulatory organization which for the Internet media for broadcasting and telecommunications.

With this agreement is expected to be substantial synergies in youth harmful information blocking has become a recent issue.

KCSC has corrective action, such as blocking and deletion for illegal, harmful information 20 million over the past year. This year also focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of the escort sites, monitoring of child sexual abuse information, such as prostitution, pornographic content off the Internet for strengthening the back.

Trafficking above and recommends corrective to adhere Vows medium for articles and ads that might adversely affect the youth, prohibit juvenile remains from the autonomous deliberation advertising this year, provisions such as applying a new "Internet newspaper ads autonomous contract" Administrative Instructions It strives for youth harmful information blocking.

In addition, both institutions agreed to share information to address the complaints of discomfort Internet media users effectively. KCSC is expected to pass after reviewing a complaint about a newspaper article on the Internet and advertising matters it deems self-regulation is preferred over a human. The above is a personal recommendation then proceed with the voluntary review of its contents, modify, and delete notify the results to the media.

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