Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Amore Pacific, "Marketing Award" ... Documents adopted during waived privilege

Announced the 26th carried out the 13th Amore Pacific Marketing Competition 'to discover the [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] AMOREPACIFIC preliminary marketers.

Domestic and foreign targets over a four-year undergraduate and graduate students and is received via the official competition website Amore Pacific is taking place from 26th.

The competition's theme is the "everyday innovation through digital experiences (Innovate a Life with Digital Experience) ', we created the digital content sector proceeds divided into traditional' strategy 'category and digital content" production "sector.

'Strategy' sector △ products (planned new products utilizing new technologies) △ Retail (utilizing new technologies Millennial Generation influx strategy) △ communication (promoting customer experience and communication for the Digital Trends) can participate in choosing one of three themes is.

Qualifying deadline is up next month with 17 days, was given a 10 million won in scholarship and internship opportunities for first prize is granted when a team becomes incident support document screening and primary interviews waived. This document screening exemptions Excellence Award given to anyone outside the two teams and six teams encouragement.

'Manufacturing' sector and submit a digital image or video content that contains the theme produced △ K-beauty viral video. Proceeds received by the finals on June 14 and 1 team prize is presented with a prize of 5 million won and Amore Pacific tour opportunities.

Amore Pacific is hosting a lecture mentoring and coaching program in June the finalists finals Amore Pacific Marketing field practitioners.

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