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[April 1 NOTE savings bank time deposits up to the prime rate of 4.8%

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] April 1 share savings bank time deposits showed the highest prime rate is equal to 4.8% and March. Given that the era of low interest rates difficult to raise a lump sum, at that point, such as savings banks is 50 million won depositor protection possible savings bank time deposits may be laid Book lump sum.

According to the 2nd FSS integrated financial products compared Disclosures on Financial Instruments at a glance ', the highest prime rate of the product up to 153 savings banks regularly cracked product is a fair savings banks' Giving savings.

Equity Savings Bank "Giving Savings' basic interest rate is 2.6%, shall be issued a card from KB branch to receive a preferential interest rate. The preferential interest rate is issued in accordance with KB Kookmin Card using performance received.

OK Savings Banks' OK VIP time deposits "This was followed by 4.6%. These items are products available to subscription customers bancassurance. Just be larger monthly payment amount less the right rate significantly. The default rate is 2.2% and is lower than the August amount paid 200,000 won over $ 25 is more than 2.4% and less than 200,000 won 300,000 won 1.5 percent, or more than 300,000 won 500,000 won customers provide preferential interest rates to 0.9%. If you are planning to periodic payments amounted to over $ 25 less than 200,000 won is OK but try to take advantage of the savings bank time deposits.

Very savings banks 'savings made with three thousand three hundred fifty-five' that to 4.5 percent preferential interest rates may need to be concurrent five people to sign up 4.6%. Very Savings Bank operates a community co-buying cafe to find a common subscriber for customer convenience. When you sign up for a joint purchase cafes, so you can easily find a subscriber is not fussy conditions than other products.

Ceram savings banks' savings I design "provides the prime rate to 3.2%. Expiration re-deposit, time deposits Customers, long-term trade customers, first Savings Up, Savings Automatically Post Office, debit card use, dajanyeo family, over the age of 60, the disabled welfare card, workers, monthly payment amount over 50 million yuan, heonhyeoljeung possession, pregnant women, 24,36 months contract period allows at least provide 0.1 to 0.5% a year according to the prime rate applicable number of two or more associated subscription, donation pledges. If ttajyeobogo preferential interest rate conditions, there are many details that you will join a visit to the branch. Ceram savings banks can join in a minute headquarters, where two thousand points.

Must savings bank three days 'time deposits plus' gotta apply the preferential interest rate of 0.3% a year if the deposit due to the termination of term deposits of gold may benefit from the preferential interest rate benefits for up to 3%.

The next highest preferential interest rates are higher by 2.9%. Its products include such as smart savings banks 'e- peaceful time deposits, "Savings Bank of the Orient' time deposits ', for savings banks' time deposits" corresponds to this.

Smart Savings Bank products are smartphone-only subscription products and savings banks and savings banks Oriental can join in the branches and the Internet. On the other hand for savings banks are no preferential terms Eastern Savings Bank 0.1% interest rate is preferred when you sign up for more than six months as Internet banking.

Eastern Savings Banks' time deposits, provides 2.85% and was followed. Eastern Savings Bank products can be joined to the branches, the Internet in two ways. When you sign up for Internet banking deposits opened automatically when you pay 0.05%, the Bank paid a total of more than average Recurrence in deposit accounts 3.2 provides a preferential interest rate up to 0.1% a year.

Equity Savings Banks 'non-face-to-face time deposits', instead of the savings banks 'time deposits smart', considering savings banks 'periodic ssait gold', etc. The highest prime rate was higher by 2.8% next.

Instead, savings bank product does not have to visit a branch to the smartphone-only product.

More products with preferential interest rate conditions can be found at the Financial Supervisory Service financial products compared to integrate Disclosures on Financial Instruments at a glance.

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