Wednesday, April 26, 2017

BNK financial first quarter net profit 168.3 billion won ... Yy increased 5.85%

Said hold [South Korea Busan = bakminhyeon financial newspaper reporter] BNK Financial Group 26 am Council and posted a net profit of (minority interests) 168.3 billion won in the first quarter of year 2017.

This is the highest level ever during the quarter except for the previous year (1590 million) compared to 5.85 percent (93 million) increase in earnings in the fiscal interests of the bargain purchase gain is reflected in the fourth quarter of 2014 earnings.

Solid loan growth and interest income had increased to improve the net interest margin (NIM), it is assessed as satisfactory results showing excellent revenue management capabilities such as BNK Financial Group sold biyongyul management (CIR) improved with continued cost management.

1017 one hundred million won each main subsidiary BNK BNK Bank and Busan Kyungnam Bank recorded a net profit of 67.9 billion won and has yieoohgo solid performance. BNK Capital 17.8 billion won, BNK Savings Bank recorded a net profit of 2.6 billion won, and also showed a stable earnings growth of non-bank affiliates.

Through 'substantial profit-oriented management of the "good level of assets net profit margin compared to the industry (ROA: 0.73%) and Return on Equity (ROE: 9.86%) was recorded.

Area-based industries such as shipbuilding, despite market concerns about the shipping industry restructuring and NPL ratio (1.03%, yoy improvement compared to 0.05% p) and the overdue rate (0.69%, improve 0.06% p YoY) improves and good asset quality, management skills were also represented.

BIS total capital ratio of capital adequacy indicators and common equity ratio rose stable risk-weighted asset management and respectively 0.53% YoY net profit realized p and 1.18% p has achieved 12.68% and 9.35%. When you are currently promoting intra-group ratings it is forward-looking law approved additional rate increases.

Group total assets increased to pursue qualitative growth accompanied by an improvement in the retail portfolio compared to the end of the financial year the center 6,655 trillion won (1.57%) was achieved 108.0234 trillion won.

BNK Financial Group Finance Director Hwang Yuncheol strategy was posted successive maximum net profit during the quarter as "the first quarter of fair lending growth and stable margin management. Continuous had cost sales management biyongyul (CIR) to reduce the effort recording a 2.02% p improved 42.91% YoY and efficient asset Liability Management (ALM) to net interest margin (NIM) of Pusan ​​Bank and Kyungnam bank in the former subsidiary is respectively, compared to the previous quarter 6bp, 4bp improved, "he said.

Along with Hwang Yuncheol general manager "BNK Financial Group group is the one all employees around the Emergency Management Committee, and go out to overcome wisely the recently faced a crisis, committed to local small businesses and ordinary financial assistance, including shipbuilding, shipping, CSR activities also continue to expand and plans to pursue a regional financial original role as regional economy without a hitch, "he said.

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