Tuesday, April 25, 2017

[Financiers Talk] presidential political finance feretory 'silent' changes

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] ahead of the presidential election next month there are "silent" change is detected in feretory.

Imjongryong finance chairman went on lecture served as a judge and lunch in the past 24 days, Seocho-gu, Seoul Seoul regenerative court to the "breakthrough of corporate restructuring 'theme. It is not seureopji found anew the court imjongryong chairman. Seoul is the first regenerative regenerative Court, Bankruptcy Court last one won 2 March. Financial Services Commission is being promoted to switch from creditor banks central corporate restructuring came to emphasize the new funding (workout) and activate a wide range of debt restructuring (recovery process) in conjunction pre-packaged Plan (P Plan) benefits in the wake of the regenerative court established Because.

But the usual busy pace while also led the "silent greeting. Imjongryong Chairman met with recent employees' geudong was grateful, "There is an urge to tell" the faithful dont like bar work undertaken now. " It is interpreted as representing the last two years on the market-friendly structural adjustment and promote appreciation for the juniors who have issues with the financial reform, such as the Internet specialized bank, our bank privatization.

Ahead of the presidential election in the financial feretory is paying a tactile look after the presidential election reorganization of the government promotion possibilities. FSC as being presented with various restructuring measures, such as dissolution and separation FSS is a message of "troubled mood."

Financial industry officials also "in not yet clear whether this situation will change after the presidential election eotteol industry these rumors turn like that is' he explained.

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