Thursday, April 6, 2017

Forecasts K Bank Deposit Protection Financial Products logo

Attach the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposit Protection logo Kay bank financial products specializing in the Internet bank.

Weather forecast announced on the 5th that the show 'egeum protected logo' so that consumers can easily determine whether the financial instrument protection of deposits banks Kay.

Forecasts' financial consumers when signing up for financial instruments K. Banks, Internet, be sure to read the product documentation through the mobile website, at which time product documentation that deposit protection of financial products through the existence of the deposit protection logo is displayed at the top it can be seen whether "he said.

Forecast has developed a logo deposit protection so that you can see in August last year to ease the financial consumer protection whether deposits of financial products are currently used by the savings banks. Deposit Protection logo ittta expects to be a particularly effective means to strengthen financial consumer protection in a rapidly changing financial environment such as the proliferation of Internet and mobile banking.

Forecast future plans to strengthen depositor protection by spreading the use of deposits protected logo other eopgwon Internet specialized bank.

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