Thursday, April 6, 2017

'Dollar' foreign exchange reserves increased in March

It was compiled last month by the country foreign exchange reserves increased due to the [South Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] dollar.

The Bank of Korea increased 1.39 billion US dollars more than the end of February (373.91 billion US dollars) to the current $ 375.3 billion foreign exchange reserves, it has announced the end of March 5th.

The Bank of Korea analyzed that, because it is the month the foreign exchange reserves increased by Euro dollar, yen and other foreign currency assets of US dollar hwansanaek increases.

According to the Bank of Korea, in March the US dollar value against the euro and the yen was appreciating the value by 0.9%, respectively. Six major countries have calculated the US dollar as a target currency index fell 0.8 percent to 100.4.

Foreign currency government bonds, corporate bonds, asset-backed securities (MBS), which accounts for 90% of reserves are composed securities increased or 1.87 billion US dollars more than the end of February 7000 to $ 340,300,010,000.

2 end of January foreign currency reserves ranking of the nation seemed to last month over the world 8. No. 1 was recovered in China (3.0051 trillion US dollars) by the end of January, the three trillion US dollars line collapsed.

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