Monday, April 24, 2017

Harim 'Pio Corps', consumer and environmental protection, family activities

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Harim progress and played a river clean-up activities for Earth Day (April 22), in commemoration of the employees and their families together consumers 'Pio 4th Corps' ceremony said Sunday.

The event has joined the Consumer Family Volunteers 10 teams and about 100 people Harim Harim Jeongeup Jeongeup in cleanup activities around the plant cloth employees. Along with being an ecological education from the time the meeting was in progress iris planting operations.

Harim Pio Corps as a representative social contribution activities Haram began in 2014 with the participation of "I eat water, the air, I, I created the earth Harim ACF Corps goes live drinking" under the slogan of parents and children of the family Corps.

Yigyeongyul the corporation Environment Action Association said: "There are four years second Harim Pio Corps is significant that came proceeding with various environmental protection activities" in the barn and "come hanhaedo family with time to feel the value of natural precious and service of If I wish, "he said.

Meanwhile Harim Pio Corps four groups will launch a variety of conservation activities Songnisan National Park conservation activities, starting with this Jeongeup thousand volunteer activities.

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