Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello Mobile · SK telink Galaxy S8 yepan joined the competition

[Ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Korea] told affordable phone industry also jumped on the booking sales of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 strategy.

According to the 3rd industry, affordable mobile phone brand Hello and second SK Telink, CJ Hello Vision proceeds Galaxy S8 scheduled from 7 days online sales through direct Mall.

Book Sales period is 7-17 days Sawa same mobile 3.

The two companies is a reserve policy to provide subscribers up to disclose funding from the affordable pricing than the carrier to hand same offer Book Sales giveaways provided by Samsung's Bluetooth speaker and PC connectivity index. There are also a variety of sweepstakes review.

Hello Mobile official said that "preparing a sweepstakes that you can reap many benefits the customer, rather than proceeding with the massive marketing through offline distribution channels."

SK telink official said, "fully prepared to fulfill orders while ensuring preceded the cheapest plan and purchase various benefits embark on a plan to attract customers."

In addition, SK telink will sell 100 phones Samsung exhibited at a discount over 50% by the end of this month. Sales target is 2016 model year Galaxy A5, Galaxy S7 (32G), the Galaxy S7 edge (32GB), can be the same as new products get A / S.

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