Monday, April 24, 2017

Hotel Silla rises, creating a delicious Jeju "to the Michelin 3 star restaurant

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] express the recipe of the Michelin three-star chef is combining the representative social contribution activities making good Jeju, The Shilla Hotel's restaurant.

Hotel Shilla announced the transfer of recipes visit the Michelin three-star chef's chef Emmanuel Renault of France and the Netherlands Zhang Bo Jacobsen terrific chef coming 28 days, making delicious Jeju, 4 & 7 Shop "bomal and landscapes.

The meeting was "Seoul Food Festival 'two chefs who prepare for the event as part of the island to visit heard about the social contribution activities" create delicious Jeju, The Shilla Hotel's "I want to go directly," was found close to visit a doctor. Seoul Food Festival is a feast of gastronomic events unfold in each region across the country and abroad to star chefs are chongchuldong until May 5 on April 28th.

Michelin three-star chef and goes a special meeting of the "Create a delicious Jeju 'bomal and landscape' is the place retrofitted renewed 4 & 7 Branch integrates 4 Branch and seven shop last May, Jeju unique ingredients of bomal and pork there serves a menu used primarily.

Business Week Park Mihui seeds and advice for after Shilla Jeju bakyoungjun Chef 4 & 7 Branch representative menu of Bo maljuk and visible lines of bomal noodles Michelin-starred chefs are a foretaste watching the cooking process sisikpyeong and menu improvements responsible for 'making good Jeju " will. Michelin-starred chefs offer a new menu recipes utilizing bomal and also the time to demonstrate directly.

It is not the first time the star chef visited the 'Making a delicious Jeju' restaurant. The last in 2014, the nation's best Chinese cuisine experts hudeokjuk advisor in charge of Chinese cooking advice at the Shilla Hotel visit the 'Make delicious Jeju' second store in China yoritjip 'dongdong China' Taste the food yourself is a bar jeonsuhan lunch recipes.

Meanwhile, it makes a delicious Jeju 'project is a win-win program, the effect of enhancing the competitiveness of the food culture of Jeju tourism, and provide a springboard for the resurgence of small business owners. Located current resume obstacle to 17. Shop more than one place at least in the north, south, east and west, and Jeju, Jeju islanders have of course to the increasing number of tourists visiting Jeju Word spread sales.

In 2015 and was awarded the Volunteer Day 'President's Award', recently selected the "Create a delicious Jeju 'Shop 18' Emperor spicy seafood Champong 'chapter is scheduled to resume June.

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