Monday, April 24, 2017

Hyosung, partners and strive Growing

The [Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] Hyosung's eye-catching bukdotgo the partners and shared growth commitment.

Hyosung has conducted Bukhansan perimeter road trail with excellent suppliers of heavy industries announced 21 days in Seoul Bukhansan 24 days.

The event was held invited 22 suppliers, including samdong, Tea City, POSCO treatment. Partners participating in the event are the suppliers who supply parts and materials such as high voltage transformers, circuit breakers manufactured by Hyosung Heavy Industries PG.

Wednesday Hyosung employees and partners were hiking along the way, including a pilgrimage around gilin Bukhansan in Seoul, Pine Forest Road. Hiking through the mutual exchange of opinions between about business promotion and improvement directions derived and held a bow of communication.

Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems PG is conducting a conference partner for mutual growth inviting them excellent partners twice a year since 2008. In the first half of the meeting it was conducted activities for the partners to form a working person and mutual sympathy.

Power & Industrial Systems PG PU chapter munseopcheol vowed that "Hyosung and partners is a win-win joint destiny that will try to strengthen the communication with our valued partner, because it accompanied the growth."

Hyosung is actively participating in partner cash payments conditions improve, industry innovation, sports activities, excellent supplier TPS target or China Nantong activities such as factory training conducted for the mutual growth and tertiary suppliers to expand mutual growth.

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