Thursday, April 6, 2017

Insurance is also easy to transfer ... Join one convenient app

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] insurance has an app available in one easy subscription and payment period without cumbersome procedures such as certificate or credential.

Insurance and financial consulting company elkeyi LMS Limited Insurance Platform inbound reason (inbyu) is easy'd Vary to operate a money transfer service toss (Toss) signed a publicity car and strategic business agreement (MOU), and then the insurance joint purchasing platform, expanding recently He said.

Invar is why "crowd-insurance" services to help customers deal directly with the insurance companies want insurance services for the same risk based on the collective buying power to get the most favorable terms of insurance services that provide a reasonable insurance services.

Inbound reason through this MOU is intended to 7 million people using Toss app, customers are supplied customized insurance products of any Inbound yiyuman toss the user will easily without the certificate and security card payments for insurance subscription and insurance it is possible. Inbound reason by combining a customized insurance products and services that they and their ease of payment toss samneunda as an opportunity to lower the barriers to entry for the joint purchase insurance and insurance service expansion plans.

Inbound two euros for this first move is said introducing the 'overseas travel insurance, through Toss app sets out to recruit participants. Overseas travel insurance, guarantees a wide range of collateral damages, including liability, baggage loss, special damages, costs easily join inbound reasons, including as a billable item to toss injury deaths and injury sequela - related disability up to 2 billion.

Gimyoungung elkeyi LMS Limited representative "Vary Republica of simple billing system and inbound deohaejyeo reasonable insurance services of the reason will be a great competitive advantage to both companies sikindamyeon settled purchases simple and easy in life insurance culture," said "overseas travel insurance products in addition toss to target customers using a wider range of insurance products continue to showcase hope the opportunity is lowered barriers to entry of insurance, "he said.

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