Thursday, April 6, 2017

KB Securities, launched in partnership celebrates Mart 'check cards Event "conducted

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KB Securities said it carried out the launch of commemorative 'able debit cards Event' KB Securities together with the 5th Mart.

This event can be generous discounts to everyone involved if progress is total five weeks until May 7, KB able securities issued debit cards from customers coming July 30.

Every first-come, first-served basis 1000 people during the event who presented the E-Mart discount coupons 5,000 won, and to pay a weekly lottery geumaekbyeol 10 people paid a total funding of 10 million won worth shopping. Also, if you select a large discount mart of check cards are able to receive up to 15% discounts Mart payments in accordance with the previous month's performance.

General Manager Lee Jaehyeong WM is "to reward the commemoration of the launch of the integrated KB securities to customers who love the event was to raise" and "continue in a variety of events and services, is committed to customer satisfaction," he said.

This event can participate in KB and securities, and other additional information are you, contact KB securities and nationwide branch or customer service center.

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