Monday, April 24, 2017

Kupang, rocket fastball, launching that ship in three days

When you order a [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] ku fungus foreign direct purchase and launch a rocket fastball 'service delivery in 3 days. Rocket fastball is the new name of Kupang abroad fastball services.

Kupang is showcasing more than 80,000, such as sauces, canned foods, Baby & Child The food groups, vitamins, minerals, birth exhaustive food, etc., Baby & Child, laundry, cleaning supplies, beauty and personal care selection of international products with a rocket fastball at a reasonable price. The Simply Organic, methods, values ​​Rios, Gerber, Now Foods, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, earth mama such fun with more than 3,500 global popular brand and the unique international snacks, candy, drinks, chips, cereal, etc. can meet with a rocket fastball.

Rocket fastball supports credit, debit cards, mobile phones, Record label (virtual account) as well as a variety of payment methods, such as one-touch easy payment rocket page. When you purchase a 29,800 won or more products it can be shipped for free. Since you ordered the goods from a rocket fastball, it is possible to check the whole process of shipping the product from preparation, customs status, to arrive in real time in Kupang and mobile sites.

To celebrate the launch of the service it is also provided which offers the benefit of up to 1 million. When buying a rocket fastball goods over $ 5,000 won discount coupons available instantly, and it is the first customer to buy a rocket payload can be added to the rocket fastball gotta get discount coupons for 5,000 won benefits of up to 1 million.

Butterfly de Bay three Kupang e-commerce SVP (Senior Vice President) "The Kupang are far customer wants some foreign products, and how you want to buy faster and more convenient global brand has ever troubled in the customers' point of view" and "more diverse overseas can meet the needs of customers to purchase the product, introducing a new global brand popular with overseas sellers every day, "he said.

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