Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lotte Mart opens Seoul Yangpyeong branch in the urban forest

Lotte Mart will open a new store in Yeongdeungpo, the biggest battleground in the Seoul market, and hold a festive competition with 10 large-scale marts. Lotte Mart announced on the 26th that it will open Lotte Mart Seoul Yangpyeong, the concept of 'healing in the city center' on the 27th. The total floor area is 13,775㎡ (about 4167 pyong), which is a sole building with 2 floors underground and 8 floors above ground.

The opening of Lotte Mart's exclusive store is the first since the opening of Guro Store in June 2005. Eunpyeong branch opened in Seoul last December, World Tower branch opened in October 2014, and Gimpo airport branch in 2011 were all located in the complex shopping mall.

The reason why Lotte Mart is entering such a large-scale stand-alone market is that it is important to expand the number of stores in Seoul, which is a strategic center with high population density. Lotte Mart is currently operating 15 stores (excluding Seoul's average ratings) that are somewhat smaller than competitors in the Seoul area, including three big-market discount stores.

The Lotte Mart Seoul Yangpyeong store, which will become the 16th store in Seoul, is the place where the largest number of marts in Seoul is located, and about 10 large marts are located in a radius of 3 km.

So, Lotte Mart threw the first floor, which is the most important space of the large-scale mart, as a forest space in the city center, where the entire floor could be rested and enjoyed. The space named 'Urban 4 rest' has four rests in the city center: 'healthy', 'with nature', 'sharing with good people', 'for my style' And named to be read in the Urban Forest.

Lotte Mart Seoul Yangpyeong branch has a distinctive feature that can provide differentiated experiences in the store. At the 'Clean Class Station' installed with the aquarium of the fish shop which can feel the liveliness, the customer can see the sashimi and tuna disassembly work.

In the livestock store located on the same floor, new attempts are being made to provide an integrated solution for the stake, away from the existing 'large-scale sales' method.

In addition, marine and seasoning steak products make it possible to feel the taste of a steak restaurant even if you bake at the frying pan at home. There are also nine products for dry aging and wet aging in the store.

Toy Jellus, the world's largest toy store, also holds 40 shops. The AR (Augmented Reality) Photo Zone is installed on the main line in the Toyzer shop, and it is possible to take pictures with popular characters such as Elsa and Iron Man through the 'Lotte Mart AR' app at the place.

The main customers of Lotte Mart Seoul's average are relatively high-income women in their 30s who work in Yeouido and Mapo, where large-scale office buildings are concentrated.

In fact, the proportion of the population in the 20s and 30s of Yangpyeong-dong, Dangsan-dong, and Mullae-dong, which are considered as the first commercial district, is 8.8% higher than the national average. In order to meet the needs of these young people for nature and healing, the store has also strengthened the natural elements accordingly.

Lotte Mart expects to have more than 7,000 customers on average per day, 30% more than competitors after its opening. The company also plans to raise annual sales by 100 billion won.

Kim Jong-in, CEO of Lotte Mart, said, "The Seoul Yangpyeong has made the greatest effort to recreate the city as a healing space in order to overcome the situation in which shopping is regarded as work," and added that " I will position it as a store. "

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