Monday, April 24, 2017

Mercury trending on lending also exempt contributions Releases - Kibo

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] to be changed in the future to do the Guarantee Fund contributions it receives on-trending Export-Import Bank loans.

Finance Committee heralded the 24th legislative eyes Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Act Enforcement Rules, Technology Guarantee Fund Act Enforcement Rules, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries supplier credit guarantee law enforcement regulations gaejeongryeong some of these details.

If it is trending on supplying funding to the national banking industry, including banks away the banks and the regional banks, the Bank refers to indirect funding program that lends to small and mid-sized companies selected.

KDB started trending on 2009 earnings trend extended to one hundred million won 5000000002000 2012 and 6.3 trillion won in 2014, last year's 6.3 trillion won.

Export-Import Bank and the trending on lending targets export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, as last Development Bank in April 2015.

FSC is exempt from the Export-Import Bank on salary guarantee fund (0.3%) also consider the fact that the loan trending trending on increased loan demand from export companies agreed to the benefit of low interest rates. Until now, it was exempt from the Guarantee Fund contributions levied on the loan only on trending Development Bank.

Also trending on lending Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank as the agricultural sector in accordance with the trend of incorporation of Agriculture also increased SME lending targets trending on handling the demand is able to receive exempt nongsinbo future contributions. On trending handling of the Agricultural Bank has been increased to 191.9 billion won in 2015, last year's 235.2 to 8.8 billion won in 2010.

FSC is planning to implement through the eyes of gaejeongryeong legislation is complete, regulatory inspection, audit notice Legislation (June-July) until next month 5 days from the 25th of this month.

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