Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MOU with Ssangyong Motor and Pyeongwoon University

Ssangyong Motors has signed an MOU with the Pyeongtaek University as part of its efforts to foster researchers in the automotive industry and to contribute to local communities.

At the Pyeongtaek University Main Building, the Ssangyong Cooperation Agreement ceremony was attended by Ssangyong Motor CEO, Hae Kwang Yong, Vice President of Human Resources and Management, Vice President of Human Resources and Management, Lee Sueon Won, Director of Ssangyong Motor Including the President of the Institute, and the President of Yoo Jae-ho, the President of the Incheon Scholarship Foundation.

Ssangyong Motor and Pyeongtaek University agreed to cooperate with each other on the support of industry-academia cooperation in fields of mutual interest, exchange of research and education personnel through seminars and seminars, and joint use of research facilities and equipments through the agreement. In particular, since the Department of Smart Automobile was newly established at Pyeongtaek University this year, Ssangyong Motors has been actively involved in the field of automotive industry through various programs such as the opening of courses in automobile industry, sharing of talent database, We plan to actively participate in the training.

CEO Ssangyong Cha said, "The cultivation of core talent is very important for responding to the fourth industrial revolution represented by technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and connected cars," and " It will be a global SUV company leading the future automobile industry as well as fostering local talent through industry-academia cooperation. "

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