Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Papa said, language dictionary information added convenience feature updates

[Ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Korea - Naver has announced that the 26th goes mobile translator app and Papa (papago) update to add a host of convenient features, such as language dictionaries information.

First, this update has captured the language dictionaries to many users who need a translator app.

Now users as well as the translation of the word in Papa said, while identifying the various means through the first search result was able to take advantage of multi-faceted, such as language learning purposes.

Also partnered etc. Following the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Hyundai Department Store, GS Retail has also added features to help communicate with foreigners in certain situations.

And from basic hospitality terminology that can be used in department stores Papa tax return, Hyundai Department Store Paintings "are examples describing the payment methods contained, listed are expressions that can be used to guide the goods from convenience stores' GS Convenience dialogues, etc. you can meet in.

In addition to adding speech recognition capabilities in a Spanish translation updated in March and increased usability. Naver has plans to continue expanding the next voice recognition and voice synthesis language support.

Meanwhile, Naver automatic translator app Papa logos since the last release in August through continuous technology upgrades and added convenience features, nestled in the required translator app for the domestic tourism from overseas travel and foreign domestic users apply the artificial neural network translation technologies developed its own is.

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