Monday, April 24, 2017

Seoul, the introduction of the small buildings designated supervisor

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea - Seoul Metropolitan Government said woohae prevent small buildings troubled construction the mayor would specify the construction supervisor directly.

Seoul announced that the introduction of the mayor construction supervisor, if designated institutions to build small buildings, including the 24th Seoul Less than 30 multi-family, detached, three apartments in this month.

Instead of Client selects a supervisor is a way of randomly selected 1,615 people from Seoul construction supervisor.

Supervisor will check designers are objectively in the direct field that is appropriately constructed as designed and created books, it takes on the role of the guidance and supervision Client and Contractor for such quality and safety of the building during the construction period.

When Client is selected because if the designer is serving as a supervisor if designers were architects and designers share price is typically between 'handcuffs relationship' As stiff as this situation was that bad construction and condone expedient occurs if you want the Client.

'Construction supervisor designation "is limited to a total floor area of ​​residential buildings of more than 661㎡ building Client direct construction and non-residential buildings with total floor area of ​​495㎡ or less than 30 households in apartments and detached houses, multi-family to a pre-sale purposes.

Seoul is intent motivation prevent insolvent construction of buildings in this designation and implementation, root unplug the wrong practices.

Seoul official said, "For the passed 30 generations apartment houses are subject to the Housing Act, and it is possible the construction industry Only a licensed," he explains, "is that, focused primarily because the angle of less than 30 three buildings safe zone" did.

Once management has stabilized for small buildings is expected to be achieved is also prepared for a large building.

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