Monday, April 24, 2017

Showcase IBK Investment Securities, Investment Guide Online Services 'ceiling price'

He said [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] IBK Investment & Securities has unveiled the 24th Specialized online services' detailed guide Han Jongmok (the upper limit) "for investors.

'Upper limit' is analyzed to show the obvious to the various information necessary for the analysis screen stocks by giving the service to help marketing decisions of investors.

Various investors have Entering the favorite stocks △ compared with earnings per share, dividend yield shares related to various basic indicators △ market overall consensus and IBK Investment & Securities △ market judoju analyze information sector within the trend which it belongs stocks △ competitors such as financial indicators rank △ △ signal through technical analysis and net earnings of correlation graphs can be viewed on one screen.

Previously, but you must manually enter the event and look at different HTS screen whenever the information you need, when you use a ceiling price the service can view all of the information required for the technical analysis and fundamental analysis in a single screen.

If IBK Investment Securities customers can use free of charge through all online channels HTS, MTS, website, etc., sports results can be shared with friends via SNS such as Facebook and Twitter. More if you want professional advice, press the 'E-PB' button at the top of the screen can be viewed directly connected to the guide and online bankers or PB (MTS), phone numbers (HTS · website).

IBK Securities said, "service developed to show the various information necessary for the marketing decisions of the investors at a glance," he said, "We will strengthen our specialized online services for customers with exclusive content," he said.

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