Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SK Networks, large-scale restructuring

SK Networks has denied enforcement and massive restructuring.

On the 26th, SK Networks posted the admission data, △ President Sang-keun instructed Park Sang-kyu to cut down manpower, △ targeted 20% of all employees (about 500 out of a total of 2540 employees) △ pressures on layoffs Forced retirement) △ female workers in office workers, office workers, and childcare workers who are in charge of the job,

However, the company has been implementing the voluntary retirement program "Second Life" regularly from this year. SK Networks reviewed and established measures based on last year's survey on second-life support program members, interviews, and industry-specific case studies. In addition, since this year, Second Life was launched in earnest.

SK Networks said, "The Second Life Support Program is an autonomous program that allows individuals to apply for their needs in accordance with their future plans through understanding the needs of the members and collecting prior opinions. It is not related to restructuring. "

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