Monday, April 24, 2017

SK Planet 11 Avenue, half college, youth meal ticket '1 million copies sold

It goes up to 30 days [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SK Planet 11 Street come the 'Youth meal ticket 1 + 1 "promotion to sell the cafeteria meal ticket of 20 national universities in half. 11 Avenue Jean cafeteria meal tickets they sell old 3,500 won in Chapter 12 ACT 5000 sets 1 set 50% lower 3,500 won (total 10,000) it said Friday.

Universities participating in this promotion is 20 parts of Kangwon National University, Konkuk University, Kyung Hee University, Korea University, Myongji University, Sogang University, Sookmyung Women's University, Soongsil, Chonbuk National University, Chungbuk National University, Korea University of Foreign Studies, Hanyang nationwide. And sell food stamps by 20 250 set by the school, it is available up to 10 per set. A meal ticket allows free delivery buy.

Shipping is receiving food stamps when used in its cafeteria until June 20 to come. More than 3,500 won menus are paid on the spot by a difference and if you are using the food stamps. However, the University of Seoul is only available for less than 3,500 won menus.

Further support is also an event that will be held 11th Street to send a "snack food truck, where one university. Customers and sends a "snack food truck" by clicking to select the one of the schools in 20 universities receiving the most support University on May 15 to participate in this promotion. Food stamps are available one day per ID per application, regardless of whether or not to buy. 11th Street is scheduled to give a food truck handing over the food set that people can enjoy their college students 200-300.

Gimmuneung SK Planet business general manager "Last 20 customers to accept new things without hesitation, and immediately react, I have a tendency to inform actively through SNS channels has become a driving force out grow the e-commerce market," he said, "this year's 11th Street 20 a focus for the 'Young (Young) customers' he said in a statement to experience the 11th Street services and products to enhance the exercise to ensure a secure loyal customers of 11th Street. "

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