Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ssangyong Motors' Parts Suppliers Conference 2017 "held

It said two days had held [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea], such as for Ssangyong Motor parts suppliers and companies into the business plan and sharing, as well as discussing joint growth plan 'in 2017, Ssangyong Auto Parts Suppliers Conference.

There Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra Executive Chairman, pawan and Enka Mahindra & Mahindra (hereinafter M & M), CEO, Ssangyong, including choejongsik CEO of three people company ohyuin cooperation conference opened two-day event in Lotte Hotel Jeju July 31 more than 200 delegates attended, including parts suppliers president, cooperative society was held in the order of such Annual General meeting, Ssangyong business presentation, excellent supplier award.

Ssangyong business presentation in management issues and business planning, product development, quality ∙ share, including purchasing policy and a complete quality assurance and seamless component supply is, of course, had time to worry with for mutual growth through advanced technology, joint development Partnership . Another component suppliers delegates pledged to actively cooperate to share opinions about Rexton G4 introduced to celebrate the turnaround of Ssangyong achieved in nine years while at the Seoul Motor Show, to a successful launch and sales.

In particular, this conference has special rammer commitment to Mahindra Executive Chairman and high Enka M & M CEO will attend communication and mutual growth with parts suppliers representing the origin of the successful launch and visited South Korea in order to express the active support of the group G4 Rexton Take the time and prayed. This is where parts supplier representatives Mahindra to put gratitude compelling the colorimetric beauty and excellent artistry Goryeo celadon inlay unhakmun maebyeong driver was sent to the Executive Chairman, Mahindra Executive Chairman and delivered an appreciation plaque to encourage the efforts of parts suppliers it was the will of unity.

Choejongsik Ssangyong representative "It Ssangyong will restore confidence and was able to lay the foundation for the normalization was possible iteotgie Your active cooperation enthusiasm and partners of employees" and "We win management, trust and partnership for mutual growth and Parts Suppliers through the partnership will go to the accomplished positive changes in empathy and constantly introducing new cars globally competitive, "he said.

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