Friday, April 14, 2017

Timon, revenue growth last year, but operating loss of 158.5 billion

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper News] Ticket Monster annual sales record of 286 billion won, up 46% year-on-year last year, announced on the 14th. Year 2016 audit report released Wednesday Timon This has gotta count only the sales for nine months in April, according to the accounting treatment of the merger of living and social kolah last year, which was dominated by enterprises to December was 203.5 billion won in the disclosure.

While the deficit is rising and 12% recorded a 158.5 billion won.

Timon official explained that "this is a loss of 60 billion won, while investing in new businesses for future growth, such as new business Mart and Tour infrastructure."

Timon has shuffled the large investments in logistics and cold chain shipping services for it has expanded to refrigeration and freezing fresh food group to strengthen the competitiveness of last year's Super Mart. In addition, equipped with flight ticket booking services worldwide hotel reservation system for holding domestic activities, etc. Most are equipped products.

Timon of sales has significantly increased the influence of the super-Mart to sell the commodities sector through purchases and commissions jikmaeip. Fees revenue of 136.8 billion won last year's Timon rose 64% year-on-year, product sales of super-Mart posted a 32% growth 149.2 billion won. In the case of cash assets it widened 55% year-on-year to 146.7 billion won. Timon is a goal achieves an improvement in earnings over the next two years.

Sinhyeonseong Timon representatives "and their securing users, such as last year meant traffic growth and investment, as well as gatchwotdago a competitive edge to long run in the market" and "the loss of the traditional emphasis on business outside investment in new business continues losing it would be able to show a state of emergency this year, largely as a springboard for growth with efficiency, "he said.

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