Monday, February 13, 2017

LG Household & Health Care Haitai htb, pharmaceutical business rates

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] LG Household & Health produces a speed pharmaceuticals business through the years acquired Haitai subsidiary of htb (Haitai Beverage) 2011.

Htb Haitai subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care has announced the 'orderly takhyo Al x ten ultra-paste, gum disease treatments using toothpaste as 13 days.

Haitai newly introduced in htb 'orderly takhyo Al x ten ultra-paste' is easy to manage oral health without the inconvenience of having to eat can be the ferns and gum treatment using methods such as toothpaste at the same time aside about for periodontal management is.

'Orderly takhyo Al x ten ultra-paste' of tocopherol acetate is mainly to help the blood circulation to the gums Representative antioxidants, Enoch Solon is a kind of acid licorice have anti-inflammatory effect it is possible to treat inflammation.

Cetylpyridinium chloride facilitates the treatment for gum inflammation in sterilization effect for the cause of oral disease as an antibacterial agent.

Haitai htb representative high "can expect an excellent effect than the quasi toothpaste to mitigate the effects of domestic W20bn paste forming the size of the market-type gum disease treatment is symptoms caused by gum disease for the purpose of prevention of gum disease" said.

'Orderly takhyo Al x ten ultra-paste' is generic medicines are sold only in pharmacies and is a tube capacity is 120g and the price is 1 million won.

On the other hand, Haitai htb is released followed by a 'C & Blood Expert Cream (hydroquinone), last October released blemishes, freckles treatment' orderly takhyo Al x ten ultra-paste "and can spur diversification and pharmaceutical business expansion.

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