Friday, March 17, 2017

HMC Investment Securities, move on to the representative system yiyongbae

Move on to the [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] HMC Investment & Securities Hyundai Securities with a new CEO.

HMC Investment Securities and Hyundai Motor Group passed the amendments to the Articles of Incorporation of the mission to 17 days to change the main point, it was officially declared elected as the new president yiyongbae CEO.

HMC Investment Securities is the day the General Shareholders' Meeting was held in Yeouido headquarters basement floor and pass the bill, including six cases, cases of some changes to the Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Directors approved the financial statements according to the original bill.

By containing the name change amendment to the Articles of Incorporation passed HMC Investment Securities was able to get into full-fledged name change task. July 1 coming through the necessary procedures, such as CI was able to change advocated as part of a new standard of "Hyundai Investment & Securities. He decided to one common cash dividend of 400 won per share, dividend yield was fixed at 4.1%.

HMC Investment Securities official said, "is expected to raise this to four people while Hyundai Motor Group to consolidate its position as the affiliated securities firms, market recognition of leap forward in the bow rises with the brand power through change".

HMC Investment Securities day to over sales reported achieving the 2017 management policy of "substantial management and pursue external environment for sustainable growth through the ability to respond enhance", "improve the corresponding external environment capacity, revenue stabilization and diversification, strengthening human resource competitiveness, He emphasized that we will do our best to enable organizational culture. "

Also he said, "This year, pioneered the difficult market situation is expected to continue but differentiated business areas, such as last year, will continue to lead to sustainable growth through substantial strengthening management and exit at the same time."

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