Friday, March 17, 2017

The K Insurance, ensuring peace of mind for staff insurance market

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] The-K Non-Life Insurance today announced the sale starting from 15 days' Non - par The special staff assured guarantee insurance "recently released.

This product if the insured dies or staff receiving the sequela - related disability diagnosis, shall be paid on a monthly basis from insurance in the event of an accident up to 65 years.

In particular, the industry's first to develop a "risk of staff leave," we paid leave during the day due to officially leave others (外) disease injury was to guard against the risk of loss of income and staff.

Also, if you receive other adverse disposal, such as teacher discipline, clear on this. Can be assured of a lawyer charged costs that may occur during screening Teachers protest to demand such changes.

As well as civil. Can be ensured by configuring the administrative litigation legal costs, professional negligence. Chi gross negligence penalties ever, ever silchi family and fines, liability family life a wide range of teaching to everyday life.

The-K Insurance officials said that "this product is a product-specific staff member to guard against risks that can occur through a variety of riders in and out of school."

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