Friday, March 31, 2017

Korea's growth finance · SK, Samsung Semiconductor and 135 billion won fund growth integrity

Said [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Korea's growing financial investment management sets out the establishment and growth · M & A sector sub-fund formed to invest a total of 135 billion won in the semiconductor-scale investment projects in the first 31 days of the semiconductor growth funds.

Semiconductor Growth Fund is the fund's investment joseonghan as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix ㈜ ㈜ jointly for the purpose of strengthening the competitiveness of the domestic semiconductor industry. Gotta create a 750 billion won this project, there was invested 50 billion won.

Has been growing step by step tight funding from the semiconductor industry start-ups to medium-sized enterprises to be sub-fund aims composition, it will support the smooth promotion of the Fund with the semiconductor Growth Fund secretariat support within the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association.

By growing the ladder Fund participate as a co-founder of increasing the possibility of formation of the Fund, including the synergistic effect of inducing an initial financial investment companies and technologies it is expected.

The investment project is characterized by creating a separate sub-funds, according to growth stage companies, including start-up and growth · M & A, and consider the funds by the recruitment and management methods such as the dual management company selection method.

Korea's growth finance officials "were planning an M & A funds for the start-up fund for semiconductor-related superior workforce development and entrepreneurship expanding semiconductor growth in equipment, components and purpose of the material localization such funds, including global competitiveness," he said.

Entrepreneurship and growth stages composition intended to discover and foster good companies will create a sub-fund as a blind form and, M & A stage that investment companies established over a long period of pre-work is planned to create a project form.

Founded funds were given the option to make suggestions of how to transfer a portion of the excess return during a subordinated equity funds exceeded revenues generated to provide a semiconductor growth fund managers to private funders could alternatively.

Growing financial side said Good managers are providing an environment that can actively participate in this investment business by applying downward yield based on 5% compared to the market that apply to the Fund.

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