Friday, March 17, 2017

Samsung Securities, completed capital increase ... 4 trillion won full IB super start

The [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Samsung Securities is 17 days from joining the super IB 4 trillion won over the capital.

Samsung Securities has posted the day before dwaetdago ₩ 338,345,160,000 size of the rights offering shareholders the payment of 100%. Plans to issue a number of shares issued is 14 835 23 days sinjugwon 1286 is expected to come mainly traded in Hsinchu 27 days this month.

Samsung Securities official said, "Since the day the capital is reflected in the 4.1 trillion won from 3.77 trillion won legacy."

Currently, more than 4 trillion won of equity securities will be added to this new Samsung Securities in four places including Daewoo, Mirae Asset, NH Investment & Securities, KB Securities, Korea Investment & Securities.

According to one trillion won capital for more than four mega plan of IB August last year, the Financial Services Commission released a draft enables securities firms and foreign exchange business in the capital limit to 200% of short-term financial operations. Now, going into effect in the second quarter came as a corner. For more than 8 trillion won brokers can also general investment account (IMA) Management and mortgage trusts no limits.

In the case of more than 100 million won as many high net worth individuals Samsung Securities 9 million people most competitive asset management sector is acknowledged. But if I can gwichu is noted that the IB rated as relatively weak business growth yirwonael the occasion of this capital increase. Agencies warn of a major shareholder of Samsung Life Insurance is expected to also act as a variable.

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