Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Afro-service group, Nanshan making traditional flower beds to serve conducted

Conducted a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] The Afro-making services Group Namsan Traditional flower beds to serve.

Afro-services group said it had carried out 25 days last 22 days in Namsan Park Plaza baekbeom mark the Earth Day Namsan making traditional flower beds' service.

The 'Create Namsan Traditional beds' was prepared by creating a traditional Korean flower beds and the Ahn Junggeun memorial plaza baekbeom one of Namsan Park symbolic space of the Republic of Korea's history and peoples to practice love the country, love the environment.

Planting the Afro-Service Group employees can ceremonies in the traditional flowerbeds composed of donations collected sipsiilban a week, 20 weeks shrubs, wildflowers chohwaryu of 1000, and this was in progress the activities of the shrubs above the weeds removed, the surrounding pine fertilizers cycles.

Afro-services group is expected to continue activities such as △ 1 ~ 3 Month litter collection operations △ 4 ~ 6 January gwanmokryu fertilization operations △ 7 ~ 9 April to work to remove vegetation △ 10 ~ 12 May compost fermentation operations throughout the year.

Choi Yun Afro Service Group Chairman said "Afro-service group is best for outdoors beautiful future of our descendants to bequeath to the natural environment of the Republic of Korea will do my."

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