Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Performance Annual Salary" Deposit Insurance Corp. over labor disputes intensified

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] performance over the annual salary Deposit Insurance Corp. The labor conflict emerged to the surface.

Weather forecast Unions on the 26th held a press conference in front of the Seoul Government Finance Committee said that "last year, and the annual salary system introduced by the pressure of the non-labor management agreement.

According to the union forecast last April, reportedly with the consent of a dogmatic despite dwaeteuna proposal and rejected salary as opposed to 62.7% in the General Assembly President and the members of the Four-side during labor union pressure and agreed annual salary.

Time union leader climbed to the guseolsu assertive and annual salary, wage peak system, such as an agreement seemed resigned not going millimeter long gone. Since the current Chairman hanhyeonggu forecast the union took place in November last year.

Hanhyeonggu chairman of its inauguration emphasized that Deposit Insurance Corporation must adhere to the 'watcher' role in the financial industry. If the work to be done geupgeuphae only bet results and performance meets the eye is pointed out that a big problem.

Hanhyeonggu Chairman emphasized the like made △ union democracy △ executive combinations Executive placate anti △ right to not be forced to drink △ socially vulnerable and subject to the principle of minority protection carried out in combination inherent social responsibilities inside codes of conduct of the permanent union officials for this purpose have.

Hanhyeonggu chairman announced the "performance salary coercion white paper 'on the day a press conference last year, and noted the actions of the former chairman and CEO.

Also in this process, visit the union executive home with a combination of the delegates in the middle of the night a company official preaching did not hesitate a behavior that allegedly infringe the autonomy of trade union activities, such as requirements to hold members' general meeting is "performance salary coercion planned at Park Geun-hye administration level I hope the facts and circumstances identified by the authorities concerned, including the media, political circles about whether the labor practices of the chaebol adhesion repression 'he said.

The union also announced the results of the survey conducted by the department head below forecasts former employees told reporters at the conference.

According to the survey results showed that only the lightness of the respondents who do not wish to maintain the current system.

And annual salary is negatively affected (95%) △ business fairness adverse effects (93%) △ organization is never mentioned as many others I give the clerk cultural enrichment (88%) of the lesser work process in such a impact on business attitudes △ boss noticed view .

In particular, and annual salary in the introduction process, △ and my doctors felt the pressure to the selected opposite (79%) △ and annual salary coercion course many are employees who think there appears procedural issues 88%, including infringement of trade union right to organize It showed.

Four-side is called "a survey conducted recently composed a biased items, such as it is effective lack of 'saying' and annual salary will be introduced by agreement between the chief and union leader with a legitimate representative authority of the scanning line and the roadside 'about it She retorted.

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