Monday, April 24, 2017

Conducted MasterCard, Japanese tourists target event

Conduct [Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] MasterCard Japanese tourists target event.

MasterCard announced on the 24th that carried a 12% discount when booking Expedia, Japan Peach Booking Customer prizes presented such events.

If MasterCard customers to book hotels Japan by Expedia offers a discount of 12%.

The coupons received from the "master card customers only Expedia sites 'to confirm coupons' to the top right of access to the menu is possible. After you book a hotel with the discount coupon to May 31 is when you pay with Mastercard. Reservations checkout date basis, Jeddah, August 31 Watch.

Scheduled flights to Japan Pitch Master Card, customers can participate in the sweepstakes, which the companies have underway.

May 200 000 pitches points through the lottery Customers who purchased flights from January to June, 30 (4), Suica (East Japan Railway) gyotonggwon 2,000 yen ticket (40 people), Japan Pocket WiFi one day free the like passes (400 patients) is provided.

Customers want to attend the event after ticket reservation in Peach sites with MasterCard for June 30 from May 1, send the reservation number and the passenger youngmunmyeong a contact email. The winner will be announced on July 7.

Jeongseonhwa Mastercard marketing manager of "was to plan a promotion that can provide substantial benefits to MasterCard also Japanese travelers while increasing the number of Koreans visit Japan in recent years" and "the future many consumers are experiencing a cash payment abroad can not directly experience the benefits of credit card payment and will be planning a variety of lotions peumo make you feel, "he said.

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