Monday, April 24, 2017

One card, one of the first members pay the money paid events

It advances the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] event that one card is paid either money to pay the first members.

One card is revealed on the 24th that advances to customers using less than the first amount is 10,000 won until the last day of next month after the first use of the card registration 1Q 13 kinds of credit card offers available to members for a maximum of 10,000 Money.

If your billing account is one of 10,000 money, the other bank settlement account if KEB, Hana Bank, the 5000 one is earning money.

Members at least one hour per 50,000 won from SK gas stations in 1Q credit card offers 5000 won a mobile refueling coupons.

From April to June, it provides monthly benefits, you can get a tour coupons up to a total of three times. Unlimited coupons will be sent with a letter within two working days from the settlement date, 'The Rich Have five days cards "are excluded from the event SK gas stations.

If you have multiple copies of the 1Q card, you can get a benefit event for each card.

One card, Marketing Manager of hongjang is "one money is because it can be used like cash may be the guests of the reaction to 1Q card series," he said "We experience all the guests product benefits and offers benefits to continue planning the 1Q cards Event I will be even more so with a smile, "he said.

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