Monday, April 3, 2017

First quarter gave large cars, 2nd fierce fighting in Granger solo

There are two fight fiercely and above the deployment of which an overwhelming sprint in the large car market Granger gave the IG (hereinafter Granger) released last November [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea.

According to the 3rd Granger industry sales price in the first quarter was 34,857. Last December palrimyeo 17,247 units sold recorded a fourth consecutive month in February after January over 10,000 other cars ahead of a situation which runs the No.1 selling. Lift January 10,586 February 10,913 this year, March sales were 13,358 price.

Hyundai "Since its introduction last November, Granger has caused a blast in the country gave large car market," he said, "has since last December broke the fourth consecutive month in sales to 10,000 units in March."

2nd fight in the middle of the Granger led the liquor is fierce. Kia K7 and the Genesis galryeotda 2-3 up to approximately 1,000 difference.

The vehicle Genesys accounted for the first quarter of this year gave up two large car market. Genesis sold price 14,425 price palrimyeo monthly average during the first quarter of 4808. Monthly sales were to return in January 4195 △ △ △ February 4788, March 5442.

K7 won the third place is going to chase down the Genesys chin. K7 is the first quarter were 13,576 recorded sales price, average monthly sales 4252. By month showed △ △ January 3743 February 4388 March 5445 △ units sold. In particular, in March, the jechimyeo Genesis 3 to balance the situation unfolds in fierce fighting second place, such as monthly sales accounted for second place.

Kia's "last month K7 is, but new car effect year earlier sales compared to May resulted in a decrease of 13.0%, 5445 exchange palrimyeo surpassed the monthly sales 5000 for the first time this year," said "Mojave, K7 This showed a record sales sales decline sustained, "he explained.

Granger, who, except for large vehicles Genesis · K7 showed sluggish sales represent less than 2,000 in the first quarter. Renault Samsung SM7 automobiles dwaeteumyeo sales in the first quarter 1687 price of GM Korea Impala posted a sales representative in 1153.

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