Monday, April 3, 2017

"Development in 2020 500km EV battery" SK Innovation

SK Innovation said it plans to develop an electric car batteries are coming to travel to a single charge 2020 500km [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea.

Three days, according to SK Innovation Lee Yongwoo SK Innovation B & I (EV battery and electronic materials business) "will be sustained performed comes improved ever possible to travel up to 500km 2020 years to develop electric vehicle battery technologies," Business Planning section through SK Innovation blog called He said.

Current, SK Innovation holds the electric vehicle battery technology, which can travel about 350km per charging the battery. This implementation can travel up to 500km if the relevant technology, said consumers are able to operate an electric vehicle without worrying about the battery charge.

He said, "If the electric car battery shop 500km on a single charge and think they can drive consumers are not worried," said "even 10,001 times EV battery charging because it can be operated without any additional charge from Seoul," he explained did.

He added that "the core of this technology, electric vehicles, battery performance improves." "The biggest factor that can increase the mileage of the batteries' energy density batteries," he said.

Meanwhile, SK Innovation is expanding its EV battery business this year. First announced earlier this month, the second plant in Seosan battery production equipment 5, No. 6 additional capacity investment decisions and undertake the related construction. When the production facility is completed, SK Innovation will ensure total 3.9GWh battery production capacity more than twice the level 1.9GWh existing production capacity. This is value that may be calculated to produce electric vehicle 140 000.

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