Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fixed with HMC 4.5% in April installment interest

[Hyomun news stand Korea Financial News - Hyundai Motor said, though, fixing the interest rate that from this month applies to the purchase of standard installments 4.5%, regardless of the seonsuyul and financing terms in trends including the global rise in interest rates in the United States announced two days. Accordingly, a standard installment purchases (principal and interest equal repayment method) vehicles up to 3.4% p reduction of the minimum interest rate 0.4 percentage points in the case of purchase by the effect occurs, it is our customers' interest burden significantly reduced prospects.

It cuts the largest existing ▲ less than 15% seonsuyul ▲ installment period of 60 months conditions when the case of hire purchase terms of the benefits the customer receives the amount totals about 1.3 million won in interest burden savings due to the installment of principal 15 million won use of interest rate cuts.

Target vehicle is riding, the RV and subsistence model of Porter and Starex, when, based on the maximum of 3.4% p cuts minutes Avante a vehicle type, if the (dividing the principal average 1,400 won) about 121 million, Sonata (installment principal average 17.5 million won ) of about 151 million, Porter (installment principal average 1250 million) is expected to enjoy the benefits and a reduction of about 108 million.

In addition to operating many of the major popular vehicles (2017 Sonata, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Elantra 2016, 2017, Santa Fe) than the customers to purchase installment in conditions of low pay "Value Plus" one month installments also expanded in April. ▲ half interest-free installments ▲ / ▲ low interest rates "Value Plus" installment payments consisting of such exemption may be applied to select one of the following three conditions may be disruptive to the benefit of up to 60 months interest-free installments, depending on the model.

Hyundai Motor official said, "cuts the installment interest rates to ease the buying burden on customers vehicles necessary in the context of increasing household debt burden of domestic and foreign interest rates," he said, "We will conduct a variety of programs that you think your customers." .

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