Thursday, April 6, 2017

GS E & C, sf stand Metro Han Xi 4000 Furniture Supply

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] GS Construction is to create a large-scale brand Xi Town Gimpo stand.

GS E & C should come in May Gimpo, Gyeonggi geolpodong geolpo 3 District 4000 households mammoth supply daedanji 'Han Xi Metro, it said in five days.

The complex is 1 to 3 only up to a 44 layer 33 copper shot 4229 furniture. The second only 3,798 households primarily of pre-sale will be in May. 1 is only dwaetgo composed of apartment households 1142 (only area 59 ~ 99㎡) · 200 Officetel chamber (24 · 49㎡), 2 complex was composed of Apartment 2456 furniture (59 ~ 134㎡).

Geolpo because Earth is a variety of amenities and access to the main business district of Seoul, gatchwotgi a pleasant living environment, is noted as a representative residential area in the future Gimpo.

Gimpo gotta excluded from the estate measures 11.3 adjusting the target area offer less burden. Regardless, etc. five years of my apartment winning record and three weeks if you can put an offer.

Park Huiseok GS E Han Xi Metro director of pre-sale "of unsold dwaetgo even the most exhausted that has left Kimpo, the recent pre-sale a detached house toktokhi also reported a 11.3 Real estate measures such as short-term benefit of the beneficiary regions to end the contract," he explained.

Sample houses are planned to be opened in May Gimpo geolpodong address 336-1 and operates the pre-sale on the current PR Gimpo 1574-3 geolpodong Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul and 797-14 Street. Occupancy is expected the second half of 2020.

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