Wednesday, April 26, 2017

GS E Xi, redevelopment, reconstruction climb above preferred brand 1

Eisai is a [gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] GS Construction accounted for redevelopment, reconstruction contractor above one brand preference.

Dr apartment only had conducted 17 to 23 Maintenance business consumer preference surveys for two months to investigate the subject more than 1,286 people age 20 members announced Monday.

GS E & C in the survey Eisai recorded an imposing first place with 34.6%. Hyundai Hill State was ranked third in second place with 21.9%, 17.2%, Samsung C & T. Following the Lotte Castle, e comfortable world of Daelim, Lotte Construction took place.

GS E & C heukseok District 9, 1, 2 Seocho Shindonga car, merit one area, such as the feasibility embarked on an aggressive new orders around the place of business maintained excellent.

Doctor team leader Kim Suyeon Apartments "Eisai has recently had a lot of renovation but maintenance work orders in the Gangnam area," he analyzed that "It seems that the luxurious image of the rising confidence of the members of the Xi brand."

Following "The sale price is expensive, but seems to be moving in an apartment after the sale price and brand image selection considering the upside potential," he said, while "considered advanced materials, images, and that the value of sigongbi as expensive."

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