Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Visiting Gifu, staff family and local residents

[Korea Financial News] The Korea Technology Guarantee Fund invites family members and local residents to watch performances.

KIBO invited 300 family members and local residents on the 26th to visit Busan municipal theater 's' Abi' at Busan Headquarters.

This performance is designed to provide mutual, local and private harmony and an opportunity to heal the mind and body on Family Day.

The Auditorium has been reborn as a place of cultural performances that is free to both employees' families and local residents through mutual agreement between labor and management.

Gibo plans to perform a variety of performances such as plays, movies, and music once or twice a month until the end of the year.

A KIBO official said, "KIBO is expanding support for the cultural contents industry through technology evaluation, and will continue to raise interest and understanding of the cultural industry through the participation of the employees."

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