Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hanwha, Hyundai Engineering & Construction of residential complex over 10,000 pre-sale furniture

Supply the [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] Hanwha, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, development, mobilizing Peninsula Construction of residential complexes construction companies more than 10,000 households in the first half.

According to the 5th Real Today after the presidential election scheduled for the pre-sale residential complex in the country from April to June, amounting to 12 only 10,706 households (7,806 households apartments + office building 2,900 rooms). This may also be interested in ssolrigo the residential complex for pre-sale before and after the elections.

Residential complex is concentrated in infrastructure and other necessities of life such as education, transportation, business, commercial recreation facilities captivates the attention of end users. It just has all the residential, commercial and cultural facilities in because you can enjoy the convenient life to residents. This residential complex is built to outperform even the most high-rise views with one trillion.

Hyundai Engineering is a pre-sale "three kinds Hill River State Park, in the living area 3-3 sodam East H3 · H4 block when three kinds of this month. B2F ~ is ground up to 48 layers, only buildings 6 84 ~ 141㎡ scale generation of flats 672 and a private office building 64 of the thread configuration 79㎡. Only the top 48 floors above ground, the highest among current supplied apartments in Sejong City.

Mobilizing development is the pre-sale, Samsong secondary Wonheung Station mobilize Royal Duke Vista 'games this month Goyang Samsong land development district M2 block members. The residential complex is an underground three-story above ground 36 floors, three east, only 84㎡ apartment of 312 households and one underground floor - 3 floors above ground and three copper, total floor area of ​​10,000 7,631㎡ scale commercial blends. Seoul accessibility is excellent close to 7.8 times the exit of Metro Line 3 Wonheung Station.

Hanwha will be pre-sale for two months Jinju Gyeongnam yeoksegwon new Pearl City Development District 424 E3 blocks from the apartment and the furniture consists of 50 studio apartment Indeed, the new Pearl Green yeoksegwon dreams. The complex will be the second basement, the ground layer 38 up to 3 buildings only area 84 ~ 103㎡ size of flats 424 furniture and office building 1 building-only area 82㎡ chamber 50 pre-sale. Jinju Station KTX excellent yeoksegwon just as traffic conditions.

Peninsula construction plans to the pre-sale, Anyang Myeonghak Station yubora smarter 'in residential complex in May, Manan-gu, Anyang match Street Address 576-1 members. The complex consists of three three-layer underground above ground layer 26 such a scale, apartment 59 ~ 61㎡-only area 200 of furniture, office building is achieved only area 59㎡ chamber 150. Myeonghak Station Line 1 is indeda Facing second yeoksegwon apartment complex adjacent to the transfer station of Line 1, 4 to geumjeong station boasts an excellent transportation environment.

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