Thursday, April 6, 2017

KB Kookmin Card, Seven Days and earn up to 7,000 points event

If payment [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Card affiliate merchants' shop to earn star points pseudonym "Lee points in Conduct 'star Seven Days Shop and earn points Lee event' that jeoprik up to 7000 points.

KB Kookmin Card should proceed with such events for the 6 month 7 January saying • 17 days • 27 days Star shop around a KB Kookmin Card payment by more than one point a point Lee held by earning merchant customers said five days.

Lee points of KB Kookmin Card is available freely from one point. In addition, other merchants and earn star shop, etc. △ KB Kookmin Bank automation Cashing Services △ △ points refunded automatically re-route mileage △ Bitcoin is also available in a variety of forms

KB Kookmin Card official said, "This event can enjoy while using the hold points with Lee Lee also points earned benefit is expected to be a useful exercise for customers who want to use a variety of affordable and usually a point."

Events Destination franchise can be identified through the website, mobile app, the customer center.

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