Thursday, April 6, 2017

IBK Investment & Securities, a non-face-to-face one year new account fees

Announced that the 5th [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] IBK Investment & Securities is targeting new customers who open an account using your smartphone proceed to the 'non-face-to-face account opening event.

The event is opened by six non-face-to-face account by the 30th of the first life, the customer comes to the destination. Installing a non-face-to-face account opening only app of IBK Investment & Securities in smartphones and mobile phones confirmed △ △ I opened the geochimyeon procedures such as identification △ shooting video calls are completed, it is automatically entered into the event.

Customers participating in the event will receive 12 months free online stock trading commissions, credit, equity mortgage interest rates three months preferential benefit of the annual 4.9%.

For more information, contact us if you are in IBK Investment & Securities website or customer satisfaction team.

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