Thursday, April 6, 2017

LGU + "U + Jamsil Baseball Stadium document also enjoy the benefits nurija"

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters] are welcomed professional baseball season at Jamsil ballpark and LG U + to open the rich event sets out to greet customers. When fully dissipate it into the 'U + Pro Baseball Time "and participate in the Experience Zone authentication shot event can be a gift to the rich.

LG U + will showcase a wide variety of content that you can enjoy professional baseball, including the U + U + proceed to the baseball experience operating zone, photo zone event in Jamsil ballpark said five days.

The coming operate like gift zone that photo zone, beer and cotton candy that can be taken with Jamsil Baseball Stadium 1 rucheuk the U + Pro Baseball App entrance directly demonstrations and you can see and experience dedicated booth and the LG Twins' new mascot as a gift to 6 .

In addition, U + official Facebook and Instagram accounts coming proceed with the U + Pro Baseball app experience authentication shot event up to 10 days. Customers can participate by leaving a comment in the comments on a photo shoot U + Pro Baseball app with a look or a character using the U + LG Twins baseball app at Jamsil ballpark experience zones.

Through a lottery among customers who participated in the event △ Jamsil Baseball Stadium premium seating tickets (8, 1, 3 sheets) △ Starbucks Americano presents (100).

U + love baseball special events in the Jamsil Baseball Stadium, only for customers' U + Pro Baseball Time "will be held also. U + Pro Baseball Time gives right to change the day by dining intermediate progress and premium seats will select one team (2 persons) on the fly someplace to dance the customers who have installed the U + Pro Baseball app, holding the phone to when the LG Twins home games take place .

In particular, LG U + in Jamsil ballpark customers enhanced GB free Wi-Fi zone in the stadium and one rucheuk amenities to enjoy a U + pro baseball without worrying data.

Membership benefits for baseball LG U + but also is rich. LG Twins home game can receive a maximum of 3,000 won (VIP standard) discount to oil plus membership. Blue, Red, Yellow possible, oeyaseok apply when booking tickets.

'U + Pro Baseball' is released and surpassed 100,000 downloads in three days last month by LG U Plus launched the 29th baseball-only app is scrambling to popularity.

U + Pro Baseball has viewing optimized △ watch by turning the main goal scenes in real-time, scoring moments Returns Show "△ real-time pitch tracking (PTS · Pitching Tracking System) display the 'View ball just threw' △ real-time hitter 對 pitcher Power Analysis baseball △ captured six innovative features, such as Korea's first own team! customize screen △ Korea's first mobile game to a maximum of 5 simultaneous viewing △ straight video playback, ad-free.

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