Thursday, April 6, 2017

'Exports' in February current account surplus $ 8.4 billion

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] were factors zoom in exports last month, South Korea's current account surplus in neulmyeo semiconductor market boom.

According to the Bank of Korea released five days' February 2017 Balance of Payments (provisional), the current account surplus in February this year totaled US $ 8.4 billion. Since March 2012, continuing the longest record of 60 consecutive months of surpluses. January (5.28 billion US dollars) increased by more than a surplus.

Feb. goods surplus has increased by 2.74 billion US dollars to 50 million US dollars compared to 10.5 billion in January (US $ 7.81 billion). Was enlarged ten thousand US dollars 2600002000 February last year, compared with (7.93 billion US dollars).

Exports recorded a 20.2% increase in US $ 361.3 billion, up 43.2 billion US dollars, while imports than the same period last year and 23.9% in February.

When the item exports (customs basis) were petroleum products surged 72.6% to 40 million US dollars 2.9 billion, semiconductors jumped 56.7% to $ 7000 6500010000.

The Bank of Korea "had the price of petroleum products rising international oil prices rise, the semiconductor market grew a robust export-related, he said.

On the other hand, services resin is found to be ten thousand US dollars deficit is 2,200,003,000.

70 million US dollars to the transportation account deficit expanded more than 500 million dwaetgo January (230 million US dollars), travel resins totaled 70 million US dollars to 1.1 billion deficit.

Present income surplus is 630 million US dollars, whereas before income deficit was 50 million US dollars to 500 million. Income before resin is a trading and received without consideration, such as remittance of overseas Koreans.

Net assets in the financial account, showing the flow of capital is 9.2 billion increased by $ 10 million.

Feb. direct investment overseas investment of domestic and foreign domestic investment 4.95 billion US dollars respectively, up by $ 700 million.

Stocks, bonds, etc. In the case of domestic investments in securities of foreign investment 7.55 billion US dollars increase in domestic investment of foreigners increased by $ 8000 6600010000.

Derivative financial instruments decreased $ 8000 1500010000, reserve assets declined by 50 million US dollars 100 million.

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