Thursday, April 6, 2017

Korea Investment & Securities, Apple to 6 ∙ Facebook linked ELS Competition

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Korea Investment Holdings subsidiary Korea Investment & Securities is to come on the 6th APPLE (Apple), Facebook the 'TRUE ELS 8559 times maturities rising participation' as an underlying asset (Facebook) offer a total of 3 billion won Limit It announced.

If this is TRUE ELS 8559 once all of the underlying asset price annular one-year jogisang 3 months every 3 months at least 101% of the initial reference price is repaid in annual revenue 3.50%.

If you do not achieve an early redemption is if more than 100% of the initial reference price expires rating price is based on a low basis assets ratio at maturity assessment price first base price at maturity assessment work will achieve a profit to rising participation rate 100% If less than 100% or 90% of the initial reference price is caused by the loss of a 100% participation rate fell.

If a maturity based on the first reference price due a lower proportion of assets assessment price based on the evaluation days maturity assessment rates of less than 90% of the initial reference price, even if the maximum loss is limited to the loss of 10%. ELB 1 species of the same period, ELS 8 species, recruiting a total of 10 kinds of products, including the DLS 1 species, the minimum subscription limit is $ 500. For further information, contact us if you are to Korea Investment & Securities website or customer service center.

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