Monday, April 3, 2017

Jeonbuk Bank, "the ninth disability awareness Contest

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] JB Financial Group Jeonbuk Bank (Bank imyongtaek) and Jeonbuk Disabled Welfare (curator Jang Hyeonok) is "the ninth to improve awareness of the disorder and creating a society for disabled and non-disabled people living together Jeonbuk Bank It announced that it conducted a disability awareness together Contest.

If this year the 9 th theme of the competition is carried out are elementary school students as "persons with disabilities and non-disabled people together dreams, wishes, hopes, our story living together, I have painted figure 8 arthropods, residents provide free of verse and prose without limiting manuscript copies can be submitted in writing division.

Application period is from April 3 to 21, and the winner is announced on May 4. If you are receiving visits, mail, online, Jeonbuk Bank and Jeonbuk Disabled Welfare Rights Center case. A total of 84 winners selected through a review of each subject matter experts who are awarded a certificate and prizes, including the superior Jeonbuk Bank, Jeonbuk education enjoyment. For more information, it is available at Jeonbuk Bank and Jeonbuk Disabled Welfare Home.

Jeonbuk Bank imyongtaek Bank has said, "I hope your interest and participation of students and residents in this competition Jeonbuk designed to eliminate prejudice against disability, and social composition of the atmosphere, the disabled and non-disabled people together."

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