Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Korea Post, arbitrage resumption ... "In the end of this month 500 billion won."

And put the money up [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Creation of Future Science, Korea Post is 500 billion won in the end of the month, the borrowing transaction. Come where securities transaction tax of 0.3% exemption for program trading arbitrage will continue to invest to start in earnest in the 28th.

Korea Post held a joint seminar with the theme of "Korea Post arbitrage resumption of capital markets and the impact of the policy direction" with the 26th Financial Investment Association and the Korea Capital Market Institute.

That this held in Yeouido, Seoul Korea Financial Investment Association Hall Bulls seminar showed great interest in academia such as derivatives, financial investment industry, including more than 300 people attended, impact on capital markets, arbitrage transactions in Korea Post and response strategies.

Director Kim Gideok Korea Post said in this place called "arbitrage system maintenance will provide investment of 500 billion won as soon as the completion of the market," said, "We will expand the scale of investment necessary to consider if the market situation."

He '' is the most important interest and cooperation of market participants in order to achieve the objective of said expects to play a leading role in the future of capital markets enabled Ubon of arbitrage investments are reliably established as "domestic market activation" he urged.

Day seminar was expected hwangyounggi Financial Investment Association, Ahn Donghyeon Capital Market Institute, including the financial investment industry's leading figures also attended, arbitrage is to be resumed an opportunity to arbitrage the market and enable further development of the domestic capital market.

Another capital market environment changes and implications, was introduced a tax-free arbitrage effects on the capital markets of Korea Post, it led a panel discussion on choeyoungsu Korea derived arbitrage key issues and activating the product President of the society as a moderator.

Arbitrage is a technique that the price difference by the difference between the futures price and the spot price in the index futures market. Mainly achieved by using the difference in price between one KOSPI 200 index futures to spot the Kospi 200 Index and Its underlying assets.

Korea Post has announced plans to invest in earnest in the 28th that related to the program being developed by the Korea Exchange building finish.

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